Words of Wisdom from Inspiring Women Leaders

Inspiration is at its most powerful when shared through the stories of other leaders. To hear some inspiring leaders’ stories, please click on the videos here.

Inspiring Leadership Inventory (IL-I)

Test Your Overall Level of Inspiring Leadership with the IL-i & Learn What to Improve to Be a More Successful Leader.

What is the IL-i?
The IL-i (Inspiring Leadership Inventory) is an innovative way to evaluate how well you are presently functioning as a leader and a powerful tool to increase your ability to perform on an even higher level. It focuses on 8 key predictors of leadership performance. The IL-i directly correlates with leadership potential and performance, enabling you to address the challenges of 21st century leadership. It assesses the gap between average and inspiring leaders and addresses development needs to help you raise your game. The IL-i was created by Jonathan Perks and Leigh Bowman-Perks at Clareo Potential Ltd in the UK.

How does it work?
You are asked to respond to 81 brief questions online, which typically takes less than half an hour to complete. Your responses are then automatically scored, and an individual report is created.

How do I receive my results?
After responding to the last question, you are asked to enter an email address. Your IL-i Individual Report is then immediately sent as a PDF to the email address you provide.

How much does it cost?
It costs £25 (plus VAT for those in the UK and EU) for completing the questionnaire, scoring your results and emailing you the IL-i Individual Report. Clareo Potential Ltd operates on a tithing-basis, which means we donate 10% of profits to our named charity projects. To receive information on discounts for multiple assessments and group reports, contact us

How do I begin?
If you would like to complete the IL-i, Click Here