Speaker, Coach And Facilitator

Leigh draws from lessons in her strategic and operational leadership experience as well as her work as a coach, facilitator and speaker around the world. Leigh combines her own 8-point Inspiring Leadership model, leading coaching methods and the latest research in neuroscience to create insight, support and challenge leaders to make behavioural change and a positive impact. Leigh brings practical tools and techniques for immediate transferrable skills to create authentic leaders that successfully inspire others and build high performing teams and businesses.

Leigh’s strength lies in her deep understanding of businesses, expectations of performance and career development. This coupled with interventions to heighten awareness and an intuitive questioning style, Leigh positively challenges leaders and teams for optimum performance and giving them confidence to be authentic and the best they can be. Working in a trusted environment, she helps leaders to define purpose and vision to drive action plans that build commitment for improved business results and behavioural change. She has launched the new Force4Inspiration – expeditions and experiences for leaders in business who are keen to stretch their personal development, whilst making a greater difference to society.

Leigh has a particular passion for changing the landscape for developing women in the workplace and has written “Inspiring Women Leaders”. This book is based on her own experience and 12 months dedicated to researching inspiring leadership. This included interviewing over 100 female and male leaders from around the world who have all gone to the edge and beyond to overcome setbacks and adversity and become leaders who care for and inspire others. She has also worked with leading psychometrician Dr Reuven Bar-On (Bar-On EQ-i) and Jonathan Perks to assess over 1200 leaders and its correlation with performance to develop a framework and tools that’s fit for the 21st century leadership issues.

As CEO of Clareo Potential, Leigh leads the finest group of Executive Coaches, Business Psychologists and Leadership Consultants to deliver world class Talent, C-Suite and Executive Development solutions globally. Lee adds value strategically as a leadership expert on talent strategy and executive development. She has led the delivery of global high-flier development programmes, leadership benchmarking and assessment. She has enhanced employee engagement through building leadership capability and cultural change programmes. With her significant HR experience, Leigh is passionate about making the systemic links between the business strategy and people agenda for greater alignment and impact. Leigh is a keen philanthropist and through her business supports a variety of charities through the concept of Tithings – Giving back 10%.