Women and Children in Refuges Programme

Kidsout_logo_smallProject – Hope for Mums and Children in Refuge, UK.

F4I Ambassador: Leigh Bowman-Perks

About this Project: It is in this view that Hope for Teenage Mothers (HTM) is advocating for Rewriting the Future of teenage mothers by giving them a second chance in Education


Why this is Important:

Imagine that you’re only 8 and you’ve never seen the sea, or you and Mum had to run away from Dad because he hits you both.  What if you are disabled and never get to do the things the other kids do.  Imagine that there’s just nothing to do and nowhere to go where you live, so you and your friends can’t have a good time and might get into trouble.

KidsOut is a children’s charity founded in 1999.  With the support of partners across the UK, we deliver five major children’s services.  The charity keeps a very small staff base to enable it to remain efficient while growing service coverage.

KidsOut is the only charity in the UK dedicated to bringing fun and happiness into the lives of disadvantaged children. Through our innovative projects, we not only bring smiles to children’s faces but also improve their long-term life chances. We are a charity based on action rather than words, making a real difference to lives of disadvantaged young people. We help thousands of children every year across the country who may have escaped domestic violence or come from difficult backgrounds; they may have been excluded from school, have a life-limiting disability or be socially or rurally isolated.

Whatever the disadvantage, KidsOut is there to bring fun and happiness into their lives.

Every year KidsOut helps over 35,000 children. We believe that every young person in the UK has a right to fun and happiness in their lives. Through our amazing and life-changing work we help as many of these children as we can and play a key role in developing the future members of our society and workforce.