For more information about this Expedition please contact Bridget Steiner on [email protected] or +44 (0) 7747 102 914 or download the information PDF.

Force4inspiration is an approach to fitness by “being” involved in a project. It is a platform to experience the benefits of pushing your comfort zone. By achieving something that might be perceived as difficult/challenging/impossible, it will be the occasion to step beyond your present limitations and discover your own resources.

The objectives are to wake up your muscles, ignite your spirit and rekindle the feeling of well-being in your body. It is at mid-way between a retreat and a fitness kick-start. It will be an Outdoor adventure that will enliven, revitalise and encourage you to continue exercising.

The weekend will be held in Chamonix and Val Ferret (Italy). You will be featuring in the 360 spectacular panoramic views by rock climbing on vertical walls, walking on a glacier, and sleeping in an Alpine hut. An itinerary which will inspire and invigorate you.


For more information about this Retreat please contact Bridget Steiner on [email protected] or +44 (0) 7747 102 914.

Mountaineering offers a simple metaphor for all undertakings in life. Being in the mountains is magical in the way that it takes our reality down to its simplest form, its essence: breathing, being aware, moving forward and reaching a goal. By being “Out There” with a group of women, we hope to create a network, make connections between women whose lives and contacts can make a difference, an impact on others.


For more information about this Event please contact Bridget Steiner on [email protected] or +44 (0) 7747 102 914.

No need for athletic ability or experience, you just need a good sense of humour and willing to try out. Whether you’re looking to push your limits, or discover “where you are at”, this weekend is a search for balance/equilibrium. The success would be if you go back home feeling physically and mentally refreshed and inspired to start making a difference in your life and others.

Kezi Silverstone is the mastermind behind London Rocks and personally invests many months every year staging the event with the support of Live & Loud Events and JAKrock Music.