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Inspiring Women Leaders

Inspiring Women Leaders shares the stories and wisdom from over 100 female and male leaders around the world. They have all found their paths to achieve success, as they define it, often in the face of adversity. These leaders provide us with fascinating insights about how to achieve success, without compromising their own authenticity. They come from different backgrounds, cultures, life stages and businesses including; Finance, Professional Services, Media, Charities, House of Lords and Armed Forces. Leigh explores honest accounts of their fascinating journeys and what makes them so inspiring, yet so normal.

In collaboration with Dr Reuven Bar-On and Prof Jonathan Perks MBE, we have created a new model of Inspiring Leadership and assessed over 1,000 leaders from around the world. We have used this research to understand what makes truly successful leaders; those that inspire and enthuse others to succeed.

We are privileged to gain access to these highly personal stories. They’re relevant for all men and women at any career stage. Profits from the book will be donated to selected projects from our chosen charities: The Kezi Silverstone Trust, KidsOut and Hope For Teenage Mothers.

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Jonathan Perks –
Inspiring Leadership

inspiring leadership book

You will be able to draw on the combination of my academic research, plus the wisdom and experience of the many inspiring leaders that I work with. These men and women have had “crucible moments”; more often with their failures rather than their successes. I myself have made more than my fair share of mistakes as a leader! These experiences have fundamentally shaped and moulded our ability to inspire leadership in others. My book and audio ‘Inspiring Leadership’ bring out the eight principles of how you too could manage your potential more efficiently and become increasingly fulfilled and successful with less effort.



The IL-i™ (Inspiring Leadership Inventory™) is an innovative way to evaluate how well you are presently functioning as a leader and a powerful tool to increase your ability to perform on an even higher level. It focuses on 8 key predictors of leadership performance. The IL-i™ directly correlates with leadership potential and performance, enabling you to address the challenges of 21st century leadership. It assesses the gap between average and inspiring leaders and addresses development needs to help you raise your game. The IL-i™ was created by Jonathan Perks and Leigh Bowman-Perks at Clareo Potential Ltd in the UK.

Coming soon – IL-i 360, IL-i Team, IL-i Culture, IL-i Customer psychometric tools and questionnaires.

Please contact us if you would like to discuss how you can use these tools to help your organisation and access to our accredited IL-i Trusted Leadership Advisors.

Inspiring Leadership Inventory (IL-i)